Monument of Depravity

by Iconic Vivisect

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Brutal death metal from Melbourne, Australia.

Debut full length: MONUMENT OF DEPRAVITY

Includes 9 tracks + cover artwork + booklet + back cover


released June 19, 2014

Inherited Suffering Records:

All music and lyrics by Iconic Vivisect
Recorded by Sam Johnson at 3Phase Studios
Mastered by Alan Douche at West West Side Music

Recorded January 2014.

Line up:

Jay Cargill - Vocals
Chris Switell - Guitar
Justin Steinweiss - Bass
Adam Donnellan - Guitar
Dean Hulett - Drums



all rights reserved


Iconic Vivisect Melbourne, Australia

Brutal Death Metal from Melbourne, Australia.

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Track Name: Flesh Puppet
Insipid, void of all hope
Abound with emptiness
Integrity in absentia

Bland and faceless, laced with tedium
Desultory, forged in weakness

Flesh puppets and parasites
Lower than a serpent's cunt

Thriving in disgrace
The scum stand proud
Languishing in their own filth

Pinnacle of the false
Sycophantic waste of existence

Karma expired in the season of the leech
May they die by our own hands.
Track Name: Celestial Abortion Machine
Celestial abortion machine
Unborn deities, crucified in their dead mothers
Strangled with umbilical cords

Raper of dimensions, gouging every eye that beholds

Of skin or soul everything will be killed

Transcending oblivion, immaculate annihilation
Terminating every seed
Ceasing every pulse

Senses made redundant

Experiences rendered worthless
Perceptions obsolete
For no life shall grow here

Erasing the tangible
Purified in desolation
Eternity torn asunder

Unborn deities, crucified in their dead mothers
Track Name: Genocidal Impulse
Exploring constant cycles of extinction
Endlessly regressing through rebirth

Mutually assured destruction
Razing our brethren down to ashes

Evolution heralds advancements in genocide
A species bent on self-eradication

The human virus bleeds this planet dry

No victor to emerge amongst this bloody fray
The dream of peace but simple human folly
Dystopia is beckoning
Futility abounds

Corpses piled high 'neath brooding skies
There will be no saviour, your promised land is burning

A decomposing wasteland
The carcass of the Earth

Self-engineered demise
Annihilation complete
Track Name: Anodyne Necklace
An immense concourse gathered for the spectacle
The condemned swinging by their throats

Convulsing gallows pole marionettes
Gradually asphyxiated

Dangling like dead fruit on the Tyburn tree
A baying hoard ravaged with disease

Storming the scaffold, blood-lust stampede

Scurrying like the rats that infect them

The sick lurch forward to wipe their sores with the death sweat of the deceased

Bathing their festering lesions

Plague vultures descend and scavenge for their blessings
Seeking fortune in the strangled remains

The coveted hempen caudle and anodyne necklace
An amulet to the infected
The spoils of execution
Track Name: Infinite Seeping Wounds
The futility of existence is evident

To serve without purpose is the human condition
A thousand generations grovelling

Adherent to the hollow dreams of others
Arbitrary paths to insignificance

Trivial achievements praised, generic prosperity
Abundance for the spineless
Civilized like vermin

Mediocrity puts food in the mouths of the common
On their knees with their heads in the trough
The fortunate hold contempt as they consume, shit and breed
Flaunting their offspring like material accessories
Rewards for the death of innovation

A lack of direction precedes the will to create
The myth of freedom sedates them

Yet terrified by the concept of a free man
To toil or starve, to beg or die

Poverty for the pure is the price of honesty
Submit or be left for dead,

Our honour keeps us cold and hungry
Destitute in resistance
To question is decadent
To survive is to serve without purpose

Striving for a purpose, dying without cause.
Track Name: Violate the Sacred
Redefining the parameters of aggression
The exquisite nature of agony
Addicted to trauma and the need to destroy
Treading on the inferior, bowing to none

Implacable fury, belligerence unyielding
Crushing every trace of humanity
Untenable doctrines collapse
Dragged from the pedestal

We slaughter the worshiped and the grovelling
Scrutinized the exalted, dissecting the revered
Premature autopsy of the hallowed
Molesting their faith

Kneeling before no crown, martyr or flag
Butcher of beliefs
We violate the sacred
No prayer will save them.
Track Name: Spectral Decomposition
Blindly flailing, stagnating in filth,
Reaching far beyond our earthly bounds.

Grasping, probing, surveying,
Prepare for unforeseen consequences.

Mankind’s arrogance abounding,
A heated rivalry breeds carelessness.


Bridging the gap between dimensions.

Collapsing boundaries of time and space,
Paving the path for our nemesis.

Malignant adversaries,

Unthinkable atrocity permitted through our miserable failure.
Xenomorphic butchery of hapless analysts,
Opening the gates to ensured repression.

Existence becomes dominated,
Carcasses of cities burn.
Overlords survey their dystopia,
Subjugated pigs will serve.
Track Name: Monument
By choice or force she surrenders herself
Yielding to their will
Fucking to be acknowledged
Soiled canvas for the fist and cock

She remains expendable
Cheap thrill for the random pathetic
Adored like a slab of meat
Forgotten like the last drop of cum

Empowered by shame, smothered in regret
Every act of abuse a conquest
Compliant to mask the lament
The pleasure she gains never kills the loneliness

A token of sadness
She wears tragedy as a badge of honour
Those she serves will never mourn her loss

Every wound on her body tells another lie
Her memory a monument to self-loathing
Her grave is the only thing that speaks her name.